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Incessant building collapse with devastating consequences on families and loved ones has become a common place in 21st century Nigeria. additionally, the rising cost of building houses has risen beyond the reach of common people.


At Earth Bricks Venture, we have a team comprising of qualified Architect, Civil Engineer, Quantity Surveyor, Structural Engineer and very experienced work men with the intention to proffer solution to above stated problems through environmentally friendly and sustainable production of affordable high quality ecological bricks (Hydraform) and brick making machines.

Compressed stabilized earth bricks are known to be far stronger than most sandcrete blocks made in Nigeria, they are more energy efficient, aesthetically more appealing and way cheaper for building.

We design and fabricate our own brand of brick making machine locally in Nigeria and we offer training on machine operation and chemistry of our products.

We can help to design and build houses for customers using our products

We provide jobs for artisans, young people making the bricks locally and other ancillary small businesses (like caterine services) has sprang up in the locality to better the livelihood especially of women and their families.

Our vision is to encourage youth self-employment through collaboration with young entrepreneurs and we intend to form a “trade cooperative”among entrepreneur brick producers using our machines across the country so as to create a platform to share ideas and have a unified approach to all issues related to trade and marketing.

Lastly, we would like to partner with relevant stakeholders and government to build high quality affordable houses across Nigeria.

Thank you!

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