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Why our red brick walls are stronger!

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

Bricks are easy to handle by work men
Brick layers are trained on how to bind the wall sections with steel rods

We will give you necessary advice on how best to build with our type of #redbricks at #earthbricksventure.

The bricks are easy to handle for all workmen so, no complaints of back pain while at work!

It only takes a short information session to help trained bricklayers and other artisans how to set the bricks

Our red brick walls and corners are woven together with rebar steel rods at intervals from the ground to the roof. Infact, the main beams holding the weight of the roof is screwed on to these steel rods thereby guaranteeing the whole building standing as a single entity.

No wonder red bricks houses are resistant to natural forces like quakes and storm.

No more house collapse!

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