E.B.V Red Bricks

Here at Earth Bricks Venture (E.B.V), we pride ourselves in offering assorted high quality red bricks with proven advantages and superiority over traditional sandcrete blocks widely used across Nigeria

Our brick designs are simple but most effective for stability, reliability and integrity of built structures.

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Commonly Asked Questions

  • Do you have experienced work men who know how to build with red bricks? --- Yes

  • How many Bricks will I need to build my project?

      --Depending on your project plan

  • What are the dimensions of your Bricks?

      --12x6x4 inches

  • Can you assist to arrange transport

      -- Depending on the distance from our site

  • How much do you sell your bricks for?

      -- click on Services 

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Why you should buy Bricks from us


We do our best to source the highest possible quality of ingredients for the manufacturing process.


We use hydraulic powered machinery that compresses these bricks with 7,000 Kilogram force (7Tons) thereby producing a final product that is second to none in current brick making industry in Nigeria 

The tensile strength of our bricks speaks for itself based on our very impressive delivery record to far away places despite facing tough handling travel on bad roads network

Structures built with red bricks are known to be naturally beautiful, more reliable in integrity and environmentally more sustainable.

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Our price is one of the most competitive in the market. The primary objective at Earth Bricks Venture is to demystify the common notion that red bricks is only for the ...
10,000+ Bricks (₦60)
₦60 per Brick

About Us

We are a collection of visionary professionals at Earth Bricks Venture aiming to proffer solution to the housing needs in Nigeria and other African countries.

The innovative idea of inventing our own brand of HYDRAULIC PRESSED RED BRICK MAKING MACHINE was born out of the necessity to design a machine that will meet the peculiar need of African society in terms of affordability, durability,versatility, ease and cheaper cost of operation.

We have very experienced technicians using locally sourced materials to fabricate component of our machines and coupling them with the drive head which we import from our partners overseas.

Our machines are well tested and we are constantly refining our products based on suggestions, ideas and advice from our customers/artisans who have used our products for various projects.

Our machines can be operated by anyone, young or old men and women. It is not as laborious as other forms of manual lever pressed machines that requires massive amount of raw energy thus exceeding the strength and ability of many young and old men/women.

Start your own business with our machines today!

Make red bricks with ease as a breeze!!